Why Women Should Use Men’s Shaving Razors

pink tax razors

More and more women are ditching their pink razors and using men’s razors to shave their legs. Why? Some claim that men’s razors are higher quality and have sharper blades that give a smoother and less irritating shave, since they’re shaving sensitive facial skin. They’re also switching because of the pink tax.

The pink tax isn’t a literal tax imposed on pink items, but rather the notion that products that are branded towards women are more expensive than their male counterparts. A quick Google search reveals countless articles that compare men and women’s prices for everything from razors and dry cleaning to medicine and perfume. The difference is so pronounced that in late 2014, France’s finance ministry ordered an inquiry into why female shoppers are paying more than male consumers.

We wondered just how effective men’s razors would be for women. After all, there are some minor differences, such as a larger lubricating strip on women’s razors. So we decided to do a little informal study. We gave our razors to a couple women who had never tried using a guy’s razor before. Nearly all of them found it to be a better shave. Those who didn’t had the small complaint that men’s razors left their skin a little drier, but one of the ladies who experienced this issue offered up a solution: coconut oil. According to her, applying coconut oil and then shaving gave her a better shave than she had ever had, with no dryness. So we went back and asked the ladies to try again, this time with coconut oil. The result was a resounding improvement compared to their overpriced women’s razors, and an escape from the pink tax!

The issue of overpriced razors for women strikes close to the heart for us here at the Bearded Colonel. We’re all about tackling the problem of unfair pricing for men, and since women are being forced to pay even more, we would like to formally welcome all women to join our club. We don’t just offer a fair price for top quality razors, we also deliver them at regular intervals so that our members have one less errand to run.

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