The Five Bladed Colonel


Our blades use the Gothic Arch II, a technology that is unique to our partners. But for a top shave, you’ll need more than just our premium blades; you need the right handle.

Simple yet effective, the handle is a sandwich of metal and rubber. The rubber underside ensures good grip. A solid metal core gives the handle added weight for extra stability, reducing the chances of cuts. The top layer is textured metal, allowing your thumb to grip the handle without sacrificing mobility, helping you get that much more precision.

The real coup de grace lies in the shape. The slight curve is designed to fit with the natural curve of your fingers making the handle an extension of your hand. By the way, the handle is on us!

Try us out! There is no commitment, stay with us as long as you like.

Colour may vary: currently the handle is silver and blue. The razor heads are purple and white (a temporary glitch in the colour from the factory; the quality remains the same!)