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Sock Drawer Service


All of my cotton socks are made in Italy and are 200 thread count, so they’re extremely soft. By joining the sock service, I’ll send you the amount you need every third month. If you find you have too many or too few you can always change the amount or pause deliveries. As always, you can, of course, cancel anytime. And if you aren’t sure which style you want, you can always change up the style from time to time! All just a few clicks from your account.

No matter how many you buy, socks have a habit of dwindling away until you’re nearly out. Where do they go? That’s still a mystery, but the solution is clear: keep your sock drawer topped up with a regular trickle of fresh socks. That’s a great treat because putting on a brand new pair of socks is one of those very satisfying little pleasures in life. I suppose that’s the silver lining to disappearing socks: you get to have fresh ones automatically show up!