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Weight & Stability

Made of solid stainless steel and weighing in at a hefty 115 grams, the Colonel’s Handle is more than twice as heavy as almost every other shaving handle on the market. This is important, similar to how marksmen want weight in their pistols for added stability, a heavier handle means a steadier and smoother shave and reduces nicks and cuts. No pulling with your arm, the weight should do the work; rest the razor against your skin, and let gravity pull the razor across your skin.

Blades to Match

Our razors are made in Germany by a factory with a reputation for quality. Nearly a century ago, our partner started manufacturing premium straight razors for Europe’s top barbers. They’re still making some of the world’s best blades; they’ve managed to shrink down a straight razor to the point of being able to fit 5 of them in a cartridge, without sacrificing structural integrity. This makes the shave even smoother and ensures the blades last longer. How? The secret lies in the Gothic Arch.

The Colonel’s Handle

The gentle curve mimics a curved French grip found on some Olympic fencing swords and is designed to fit with the natural curl of your fingers, making the handle an extension of your hand. The grooves along the bottom and around the neck ensure the handle won’t slip in a wet environment. To top it all off, the stainless steel is brushed to a satin finish. After you pick it up, you won’t ever want to shave with anything else. So it’s a good thing that it will last a lifetime or two.

Includes 1 shaving head.

Order today and we’ll include 4 extra heads and our unique storage tin. (£10 Value!)

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