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The UK's Longest Running Razor Subscription Service

Top of the line razors.
Delivered for a fair price.


A Better Way To Shave


Shaving shouldn’t be a chore; you should look forward to your morning grooming routine. That means no more shaving with a dull blade because you’ve run out, no more queuing during last-minute trips for fresh razor blades, and no more overpaying for your razors. With the Bearded Colonel's shaving razor subscription, you’ll get blade refills regularly delivered, at a fair price. They’ll fit through your letterbox so you’ll always get them.

A Better Razor


The point of shaving soap or cream is to serve as lubrication for the blades so as to not irritate one’s skin. However, shaving razors plough through the cream and push almost all of it to the side. In order to ensure a smooth shave, we’ve added a roller that glides over the cream so that more of it gets to blades; making razor burn a thing of the past!


How It Works


Pick your frequency


If you shave each day or only a few times a week, you can choose the right plan for you. Manage your razor subscription easily from your account page.

Receive your blades


Fresh blades will be delivered to your door, hassle-free, like clockwork. Stay with us as long as you like, there are no contracts or commitments.

Enjoy your freedom


You’ve been liberated from a past chore; start your days the way they are meant to be; invigorated by your shave and ready to conquer the day.


Premium Razors

  • 5 Sharp Blades
  • Aloe Vera Moisture Strip
  • Precision Edge Trimmer
  • Unique Roller Glides Over Cream
  • Easy Open Recyclable Packaging

What Do Our Members Think?

★★★★★ Got a set of razors , shaving cream and a shaving brush as a present for my dad who is quite demanding when it comes to shaving products. He was very satisfied with the quality and from now on will be a loyal customer.Margarita S.Margarita S. ★★★★★ Great product and rapid customer service. Nicely weighted razor handle and cost effective blades delivered to your door.David P.David P. ★★★★★ I am delighted with both the quality of the shaving stick and the clean shave that it produces.In the past, I have spent many pounds on inferior products supplied by household names in the razor industry.The Colonel is definitely enigmatic, but behind those Georgian whiskers he certainly hides a skill to produce beautiful shaves! The first thing I did with my new razor was to shave off my beard. Shaving is so quick and easy, thanks to the Bearded Colonel, that I probably won't bother to grow another!Harold Lawrence (.Harold Lawrence (. ★★★★★ Bearded Colonel for shaving materials etc.Very satisfied with the products I have purchased and regular deliveries of blades. The stainless steel razor is really nice and weighty……quality.Paul CharnockPaul C.Paul C. ★★★★★ I have used Bearded Colonel for 5 years now and they will have my custom for a long time to come. Excellent quality products and customer service at a very reasonable price.. I used to waste far too much money and time on high st bands, i would never go back to using them now.I know there's lots of subscription services but i can't imagine you will find better than the Colonel!James S.James S. ★★★★★ Fantastic Razors! Use them every time. Especially after switching from Gillette. I used to always get small nicks and a shave rash with the razors from Gillette and Wilkinson so this was awesome. The handle is really heave too - really quality feel!Darrell J.Darrell J. ★★★★★ The Best Expert Barbershop Shave I've Ever Had...Without The Barbershop

I absolutely loved this shave.

I have tried everything: straight razor blade, double edge straight blade, every advanced blade out there, and multiple disposals per shave -- and I've never had a more enjoyable shave.

To be fair, I was originally skeptical. I have really thick hair and sensitive skin so shaving is more of a chore than something that I can enjoy but this proved me wrong.

A great shave can be a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

I was originally skeptical of the multiple blades because my hair often gets pinched inside of the multiple blades but i was able to get a close shave with zero irritation, nicks or cuts. The blades were sharp, but stayed on the surface of my skin due to the rollers and the flex in the heavy and sturdy premium handle.
Eric C.Eric C.
★★★★★ I cannot recommend these razors highly enough. They get delivered to me right on time and they last long enoough even if I shave every day, Actually it is better tio shave every day then the bristle will not clog the blades. I also use the shaving soap rather than a gel as that seems almost purposefully designed to clog the blades and make you buy more! Trust me the soap here is good and is easy to rinse out the razor.Michael G.Michael G. ★★★★★ Just come back from a 2 week holiday and had forgot to these razors with me and had to revert to my old ones didn’t realise how much better the BC blades are only thing I was glad to come home to!!!Gordon G.Gordon G. ★★★★★ Well yes I am a woman but on looking for a new shaver for woman this came up as men's shavers are better apparently something I did not know but I was sick of buying crap shaver after crap shaver in the woman's isle of the supermarket cost 5/6 quid then £10 for replacement heads and missing hair the hairs on my legs and other places woman shave ha so I was sceptical with having to subscribe and that. Well I've just used it and my god what a bloody difference I'm so shocked I will never touch a woman's shaver AGAIN!! My only downside maybe for me being a woman is the weight of the handle bit I can live with that for a stressfree 5mins of perfect shaving 100% 5 star for me thanksKrystyna J.Krystyna J. ★★★★★ Love the new blades! The moving head is so much better and I think the new one lasts for longer. Also, the handle is much easier to use and I like the weight. Awesome change, guys!Evgeniy S.Evgeniy S. ★★★★★ Honestly the best shave I've ever had. New design is great, the rolling pin is a stroke of genius! Only thing I would say is the handle could do with a better grip, difficult to hold with wet hands.Martin T.Martin T. ★★★★★ The latest design of blade is honestly the best shave I've ever had. They do exactly what you say they're going to do. The extra spacing between blades means they really don't get clogged like other 5 blade heads do, they're a smooth shave, and there's much less razor burn. Props to you Colonel, you've nailed this one.Ben M.Ben M. ★★★★★ I've been using the Bearded Colonel'so razors for more than a year
Good price, prompt delivery, excellent shave.
Then new version arrived. I couldn't figure how to put it together
But amazing customer support got me going quickly.
Can't praise The Colonel too highly. Not often you get quick personal answers from the boss man these days
Bob S.Bob S.
★★★★★ Been using the Bearded Colonel for a couple of months now and very happy. Very much appreciated the new style blades and handle excellent....Dean H.Dean H. ★★★★★ just received my latest set of blades. individually packed the new style blades seem to be a good upgrade. also received three handles FOC so i can replace my old style handles. once again the bearded colonel has exceeded its customer service. they even threw in a travel cover. well done the bearded colonel.Ian S.Ian S. ★★★★★ Great blades, but why the change to purple without any hint of an explanation?Tim S.Tim S.

The standard shaving experience is lacking. Frankly, it’s a hassle.

Maintaining and regularly replacing blades is a must for personal hygiene, but last-minute trips to shops for new blades is nothing short of a nuisance. This inconvenience commonly results in using a dull, dirty blade until it’s way passed its replacement date. If you’re reading this, the chances are that you know all too well what we’re saying. Bring on the razor subscription!

Then, there’s the matter of the razors themselves – which cost an arm and a leg for anything of decent quality. Conversely, most affordable models are so poorly made they cause nasty skin inflammation.

Thankfully, with the Bearded Colonel’s Shave Club, there’s a better way to shave.

A subscription with Bearded Colonel’s means regular deliveries of fresh blades on a flexible schedule, depending on the frequency at which you shave. Meaning, whether you shave each day, or just a few times a week, there’s a plan that fits your needs. In your first box you get your free starter handle ready to accept your new blades.

You can easily change your schedule or pause your deliveries from your account at anytime.

This way, there’s no irritating trips to a busy shop for replacements. With regular deliveries showing up on your doorstep (and through the letterbox!), you’ll change blades on a routine basis, leading to cleaner, more hygienic shaving habits.

Bearded Colonel’s razors aren’t just top of the line but are also reasonably priced.

While other brands use a solid plastic or rubber on the leading edge that pushes shaving cream to the side, we’ve added a roller that glides over the cream. The handle possesses a slight curve that fits the natural curl of your fingers, acting as an extension of your hand.

In turn, Bearded Colonel subscribers benefit from a smooth, luxurious shave that won’t cause razor burn, nor will the cost burn a hole through your wallet.

A Bearded Colonel Shave Club subscription comes without a middleman. We’re the proud makers of the 5 Bladed Colonel razor and are responsible for its timely arrival on your doorstep. Thus, you’re dealing with us every step of the way.

Signing up with Bearded Colonel makes shaving what it’s meant to be; an invigorating, relaxing experience that’s worth looking forward to – instead of a chore.