German-made razors.
Delivered for a fair price.


A better way to shave


Shaving shouldn’t be a chore; you should look forward to your morning shaving routine. That means no more shaving with a dull blade because you’ve run out, no more queuing during last-minute trips for fresh blades, and no more overpaying for your razors. With the Bearded Colonel, you’ll get fresh blades regularly delivered, at a fair price. They’ll fit through your letterbox so you’ll always get them.

A better razor


Our razors are made in Germany by a company with a reputation for quality. Nearly a century ago, our partner started manufacturing premium straight razors for Europe’s top barbers. Today, they’re still making some of the world’s best blades.


How it works


Pick your frequency


If you shave every day or only a few times a week, you can choose the right plan for you. Manage everything easily from your account.

Receive your blades


Fresh blades will be delivered to your door, hassle-free, like clockwork. Stay with us as long as you like, there are no contracts or commitments.

Enjoy your freedom


You’ve been liberated from a past chore; start your days the way they are meant to be; invigorated by your shave and ready to conquer the day.


Meet The Razor


German engineered handle included

4 fresh cartridges with each delivery

5 blades for a close shave

Aloe vera moisturising strip

The Gothic Arch II

The Rolls Royce of razors and unique to our German partners. With an inverted bevel like a barber’s straight razor; this blade is among the sharpest you can get, while the inverted arches ensure strength. Thanks to German precision, you’ll get that extra smooth shave over and over.

Competitors' Blades