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Eric Carlson
Eric C.
The Best Expert Barbershop Shave I've Ever Had...Without The BarbershopI absolutely loved this shave.I have tried everything: straight razor... blade, double edge straight blade, every advanced blade out there, and multiple disposals per shave -- and I've never had a more enjoyable shave.To be fair, I was originally skeptical. I have really thick hair and sensitive skin so shaving is more of a chore than something that I can enjoy but this proved me wrong.A great shave can be a refreshing and enjoyable experience.I was originally skeptical of the multiple blades because my hair often gets pinched inside of the multiple blades but i was able to get a close shave with zero irritation, nicks or cuts. The blades were sharp, but stayed on the surface of my skin due to the rollers and the flex in the heavy and sturdy premium more
Michael Gaylard
Michael G.
I cannot recommend these razors highly enough. They get delivered to me right on time and they last long enoough even if I shave every day, Actually... it is better tio shave every day then the bristle will not clog the blades. I also use the shaving soap rather than a gel as that seems almost purposefully designed to clog the blades and make you buy more! Trust me the soap here is good and is easy to rinse out the more
Gordon Griffiths
Gordon G.
Just come back from a 2 week holiday and had forgot to these razors with me and had to revert to my old ones didn’t realise how much better the BC... blades are only thing I was glad to come home to!!!read more
Krystyna Jayde
Krystyna J.
Well yes I am a woman but on looking for a new shaver for woman this came up as men's shavers are better apparently something I did not know but I... was sick of buying crap shaver after crap shaver in the woman's isle of the supermarket cost 5/6 quid then £10 for replacement heads and missing hair the hairs on my legs and other places woman shave ha so I was sceptical with having to subscribe and that. Well I've just used it and my god what a bloody difference I'm so shocked I will never touch a woman's shaver AGAIN!! My only downside maybe for me being a woman is the weight of the handle bit I can live with that for a stressfree 5mins of perfect shaving 100% 5 star for me thanksread more
Stuart Dalgliesh
Stuart D.
I like the shave I get from these blades I find I get a nice shave from them
Evgeniy Shestopal
Evgeniy S.
Love the new blades! The moving head is so much better and I think the new one lasts for longer. Also, the handle is much easier to use and I like... the weight. Awesome change, guys!read more
Martin Thorpe
Martin T.
Honestly the best shave I've ever had. New design is great, the rolling pin is a stroke of genius! Only thing I would say is the handle could do with... a better grip, difficult to hold with wet more
Ben Mitchell
Ben M.
The latest design of blade is honestly the best shave I've ever had. They do exactly what you say they're going to do. The extra spacing between... blades means they really don't get clogged like other 5 blade heads do, they're a smooth shave, and there's much less razor burn. Props to you Colonel, you've nailed this more
Bob Saddington
Bob S.
I've been using the Bearded Colonel'so razors for more than a yearGood price, prompt delivery, excellent shave.Then new version arrived. I couldn't... figure how to put it together But amazing customer support got me going quickly.Can't praise The Colonel too highly. Not often you get quick personal answers from the boss man these days BUT YOU DO WITH THE COLONEL!!read more
Dean Howle
Dean H.
Been using the Bearded Colonel for a couple of months now and very happy. Very much appreciated the new style blades and handle excellent....
Derek Finney
Derek F.
I am so happy !!!Ok, after being with this company for 2 years and using their razors daily i was even more delighted when i received the new... upgraded blades, the ones before were great and i could never complain.... BUT the new ones are even better with a great handle to go with them - its an even smoother shave along with trimming my sideburns. I am so delighted and will never leave these guys (Especially with such a great price)read more
Ian Steel
Ian S.
just received my latest set of blades. individually packed the new style blades seem to be a good upgrade. also received three handles FOC so i can... replace my old style handles. once again the bearded colonel has exceeded its customer service. they even threw in a travel cover. well done the bearded more
Russell Miller
Russell M.
Neil O'Halloran
Neil O.
Tim Storey
Tim S.
Great blades, but why the change to purple without any hint of an explanation?
Gary Needham
Gary N.
Ian Greensmith
Ian G.
Decided to sign up about 3 months ago as a convenient solution to one of life's most boring chores - remembering to buy new razor blades. Even though... marginally more expensive than a bag of 8 or 10 throwaways I'm absolutely delighted with my decision. The blades are excellent quality and stay sharp for more than a week, so that the four per consignment easily outlast the month. In combination with a return to brush & soap rather than 'instant' shaving cream they really do deliver the best daily shave I've ever experienced. I shall be sticking with the Colonel. Thank more
Dan Cavanagh
Dan C.
Early days yet but so far i'm surprised they're better than I expected. If my opinion changes so will the review. I have always used Gillette or... Wilkinson Sword, the latest was the Gillette Fusion which i've always thought was really good as with all their products. I took advantage of the deal to get the Bearded Colonel set for half price, £5 to try out a new razor and some blades made it well worth the risk. We all see a lot of these sponsored products on Facebook, good old targeted advertising, usually with me this has an adverse effect and I expect it to be more about selling a brand than a quality product. I've always been a bit of a shaving snob and always want the closest shave I can get but with sensitive skin I have to be careful, with this yeah it cuts a bit close and does leave my skin very dry, need to find something suited to my skin but that's nothing new, i'm always looking for a post-shave balm that works for me, but the shave is so smooth. Very impressed.I've no idea yet as to how long the blades will last me, I can usually get a month or so out of the average Gillette so time will tell, not sure if it's going to be worth full price as they have exaggerated the cost of rival products but if it lasts as long and cuts my hair and not face I may chose them as my go-to more
Bob Covell
Bob C.
Well honestly I'm impressed with the razor didn't think it would be that good but it is we all get those stubborn areas where you could shave all day... and not get the results you want today I didread more
Jon Godfrey
Jon G.
I've been using for just over a month now and only just found a need to change to my second blade. The shave for me is at least as good as... Gillette's exsp[ensive products but I'm starting to think it's better. I've started using a shaving oil after a shower and then small amount of Nivia gel - it's a winner. My only small issue is it doesn't have a trim blade but I hear that is in planning. Great product. Thank more
Robin Bacon
Robin B.
Having had the pleasure of shaving with this brilliant razor for well over 12 months, I have now hunted through my various washbags/bathroom cabinets... etc and thrown away all other razors - none come near this outstanding product. My one urgent plea is for you to produce one for ladies - just a different colour? so that mine doesn't get nicked/borrowed!read more
Callum Akers
Callum A.
Best razor I have ever used! Recommend to anyone who will listen!
Andrew Robinson
Andrew R.
Excellent razors and lately excellent socks, too. In my line of work - schoolmastering at a somewhat conservative establishment - black socks are... part of the rig, and a pair offering comfort without holes in the toes are a boon - along with just a minimum of decoration and elan, though somewhat short of the barking mad stripe variety. The fact three new pairs come along just when their forebears have gone missing is great, more
Eddie Joseph
Eddie J.
Hands down the best shave I have ever had!
David Hellewell
David H.
So glad I found The Bearded Colonel, I subscribed the day I unsubscribed from Cornerstone.Initially drawn by the blades but to be fair the packaging... (fits through letter box unlike other services) and the handle are spot on.The blades are excellent (I can shave my head and trim around my beard 3 times on a single blade).May '18:This was for the old blade designread more
Phillip Russell-Lacy
Phillip R.
Normally I only ever comment about services but I going to break my own rule now. The blades are excellent. They do exactly what it says on the... very nice tin they are packaged in. What I really really like is the quality of the service that this company supplies. The concept of delivered blades of quality is so complimentary with the service provided. I hate trying to get blades from the supermarket with all the security tags and boxes that those guys at the till always have problems with. To have these blades just arrive is magnificent. Well done. Now a product idea! (This may get a little personal). Any chance of a larger head of blades.... for body hair removal (chest hair and curly bits if you get my drift). It always seems strange to have to use a small blade head for such a large space to shave. Anyway, that product idea is free for you to use (just give me a lifetime supply of blades if you use the idea).read more
Ian Squince
Ian S.
My new razor arrived today. I have just had my first shave, and I wouldn't have believed how good or the difference compared to what I have been... using, if I hadn't tried it for myself. That's the best shave I have had in 20 years and I even feel better for it. For years I have struggled with cheap supermarket blades, that cut me and well are rubbish. The sandalwood shaving cream is rich and lathers well and with the brush just feels and so much nicer to use. I would fully recommend these to more
Andrew Goodwin
Andrew G.
Keith Butcher
Keith B.
Awesome some freedom of competition the monopoly has been going on far to long! All the Best in this great venture!
Bud Wiser
Bud W.
Best razors I've ever used! Now on my second set of razor heads and all I can say is WOW. These are by far the best razors I have ever used and at... such great value. I wet shave my head twice a week and these razors give an exceptional shave which surpasses any high street brand. The soap is extremely rich, lathers very well and smells great.The only thing I would change would be to include a single precision blade for cutting in.. Thanks guys, one very happy customer !read more
Gavin Hales
Gavin H.
Very happy with the quality of shave from the blades. Better than my old Gillette. I have to shave every day and have tried other blades in the past... so was scepical at first, but after a couple of shaves I knew I'd made the right decision to give these a try, so recommend you do the same. The razor is a nice shape too, could be a bit heavier but that would be picking holes in otherwise a great product, so gets 9/10 from me. Great job Colonel!read more
James Junglejim Eaton
James Junglejim E.
In my old codgerdom now and I have tried many blades in the past most noticeably A fine blade from Solingen steel in Germany, this was a 1960's... custom made cut throat type razor, this came with a leather strop for fine sharpening. I used many of the various Gillette blades and Wilkinson types over the years, some were better than others The best shave I have ever discovered is the razor and blades provided by the Bearded Colonel. Top quality, first rate and long more
Lee Welch
Lee W.
Only my second shave so just a 4 so far but the shave is excellent. If the blades last long enough for me it'll be a 5. More of a surprise is the... quality of the shaving soap. Never again will I buy cheap soap. This may be more expensive but you need so little. It soaps up forever so it will probably last as long as the cheap stuff. So far so smooth. These blades give a great more
Crystal LU
Crystal L.
hi , we Shijiazhuang Dongshen Hair Brush Co., Ltd. is a big manufacturer of shaving products, our factory was founded in 1986. we dress brush hair by... ourselves . so the products quality is really more
Kev Robey
Kev R.
Hi,just to say....Im really impressed with the razor handle and blades, I bought the shaving soap that you recommended (same you sell) when i was in... london last week, i had my first shave today with your razor soap and brush, best shave ever. to face and head, i normally shave to go out in the evening as well as the morning didnt have to today !ive just upgraded my subscription to every more
Keith Blain
Keith B.
Hi ,I thought the socks were a great surprise and a great thought, i am really impressed with the razor blades and the quality of your products.I... shall never buy a razor from the likes of Gillette or Wilkinson again, which are highly priced and are an average quality product. Well done Bearded Colonel.Mr Blainread more
Noel Whinyates
Noel W.
Got my handle and blades today. Ordinarily, I don't leave my stubble to grow more than 6 or 7 days at the most before shaving (it grows pretty... slowly) but on this occasion, it was more like 10 days since my last shave so the blade was going to get as stiff a test as its ever going to get. My first concern was whether the blade would clog up. It did, just a little, but not to a point where I would complain. Considering how relatively thick my beard was this time, a little clogging was understandable and no fault of the blade. The beard came off quickly and easily and I had a nice feel to my face with no cuts or soreness afterwards. I am pleasantly surprised as I did have my doubts and would rate this blade every bit as good as the Gillette Fusion that I have used for many years now. I will post again once I have used the blade a few more times and with my other, preferred shaving cream, Truefitt and Hills No.10. From a first impression perspective, I would recommend this blade to more
Paul Heal
Paul H.
Got the five bladed colonel and handle not really expecting a great deal as I have been shaving for nearly 40yrs and only really been happy with one... razor. Had tried a couple of the new one's lately. Although they were OK either the blade was good and the handle not so good or other way round. Got the colonel, well, handle is very well weighted and shaped can't say how good it is apart from excellent. The blade surprised me, get a very good shave even after 5/6 uses but it can get into the awkward area around the nose without any problem and that to me is the sign of a good blade. Bonus that the price is fair as well. Think I've found my favourite razor and blade for the next forty yearsread more
Matthew Carr
Matthew C.
Ian Hughes
Ian H.
I used the blades and razor for the first time last Friday evening and got a lovely shave as smooth as a baby's bum.I have already been using Taylors... Sandalwood cream for the last three yrs so it was nice using decent blades.I was a big fan of Wilkinson.My only gripe is that there is no trimmer on one side of the more
Richard Corry
Richard C.
Took delivery of my first blades last week. I also purchased the brush and cream, as advised on the website. I wasn't quite expecting such... astonishing results. I haven't experienced such a close shave as this in all of my life. Shaving really has become a joy. The badger hair brush and the sandlewood soap are worth their weight in gold, but the blades are absolutely top notch. Extremely happy to subscribe, and it absolutely buries any Gillette razor I've ever used. Excellent more
Philip Coe
Philip C.
When this blade feels as good as a new top of the range Gillete Fusion blade (after about 14 days shaving), bin it, its worn out. And thats with... Gillete shaving foam, if you convert to a brush and proper shaving soap the difference is more
Michael Rose
Michael R.
My first order arrived within 3 days & my god,what a difference.It is superb.Been using gillettes all my life but this is by far the best I have... more
Chris Ellinas
Chris E.
Received my Kit today 3/7/2016 .I'm absolutely blowed over, have I really been using sub standard Blades all this time? And we are talking about a... Major Brand here.I'm sold ,they are brilliant, I shave my Head with Razors ,so this was the test and it pssed with flying colours ,smooth as a Babys Bottom ,Order yours now.You will not be Dissapointed, I won't be going back to the Majors ,sticking with the more
Barry Robinson
Barry R.
Received my razor and blades a couple of weeks ago I must say I was very impressed. The weight of the razor is very comfortable in your hand giving... you complete control for a close clean shave as I said I've had them a couple of weeks now and I shave most days and I am still using the first blade it's as good now as the first time I used it. Wish I had of known of your product before I will definitely recommend them to friends and family. I'll maybe go the whole way in the future and try the shaving soap and brush for the complete package. Kind regards Barry more
Pete Cebunka
Pete C.
Best shave ever.........tried the rest and there is no comparison!!!!!!
Kris Olsen
Kris O.
Great service blades are top with really close shave. Now a very loyal customer.
Alan Holmes
Alan H.
I just had my first shave with your razor and brush and shaving soap. Wow absolutely fantastic, been shaving for 37 years and I have to say that I... just had the best shave ever, you can actually feel it doing its job, and the brush was a joy to use, actually made me smile. Thank you. Alread more
John Fielding
John F.
Been using the razor for two weeks now - its a massive improvement over my previous Gillette razor- great job guys. John
George Ingall
George I.
Just used for the first time .Used the sandalwood lather as well . VERY good result clean , and so smooth ,full scalp shave as well. Reminds me of... when I use to go to the barbers as a kid the lather is so right . Great using a brush again .Thanksread more
David Ross
David R.
I received my first razors in mid February and they last for ages, remaining sharp and giving an excellent close shave. My brother has signed up too,... but unfortunately the clip on his razor handle was broken on arrival. I contacted the Colonel on his behalf and within hours a new handle was in the post.Excellent products, superb customer service and much cheaper than the mainstream brands. I highly recommend The Bearded Colonel !read more
David Widley
David W.
I can not say enough about this company,There product is second to none i really mean that ,a good shave every day that is what i get with there... blades,if you have a problem they solve it fast .Just try them,why pay a lot for Blades ect, not any moreread more
Nigel Mar
Nigel M.
Brilliant shave and bang on with the price, I've just had my first shave and its the first time I've not had an irritation.
Philip Burlace
Philip B.
Like most shavers, I was getting a little annoyed having to consider taking out another mortgage each time I needed new blades. I decided to take the... plunge with The Bearded Colonel and from the first shave,I've been very pleasantly surprised.. The quality of the blades is excellent as is that of the shaving cream. Being retired, I'm not in a rush in the mornings and so now, thanks to The Bearded Colonel, shaving has become a pleasant, morning more
Thomas Hewitt
Thomas H.
Top guys, had a couple of minor problems since I started using them last year. All problems dealt with quickly and courteously.Happy customer
Alan Ashmore
Alan A.
Blades are excellent, I shave my head and they last much better than any others I have tried. I have also found customer service excellent. When my... order didn't arrive within a few days of the payment going out I e-mailed them. I got a reply very quickly, no quibble, just sent out another set immediately which arrived two days later - can't ask any more than that!read more
Anthony McKnight
Anthony M.
Waited to review until I had my first few shaves. More than happy that I have signed up. Nice smooth shave that doesnt feel as if ive scraped half... the skin of my face!! Gillette razor and blades in the bin, never to be used more
Jonathan Walkey
Jonathan W.
The best shave ever. Brilliant. So nice to use a brush again.
Rick Northover
Rick N.
I have used the razor for 5 weeks everyday using King of Shaves shaving oil. I am still on the first blade and it appears to be nearly as sharp as on... day one - Brilliant. Very close shave with a great quality product at a very affordable more
Richard Scott
Richard S.
Hello again. Thought that you might like further feedback on my recent purchase.It is now 20 days since I started using your razor. I am surprised... to say, that despite having a fairly heavy beard, I am still using the same blade and whilst it is clearly nearing the end, still giving me a good and acceptable shave.There has been no repeats of any soreness after shaving and I have acclimatised to the razor's weight. I now consider that I receive a shave as close, if not closer, than my previous blades.It will be my intention that as long as the blades remain of the same quality, I will continue to use your product.Thank you!Richardread more
Marc Garlock
Marc G.
Barry Brooks
Barry B.
Just had my first head and face shave with the new razor. Brilliant!! So smooth. I really thought my old Mach 3 was as good as it gets. I... was wrong. Good price too. Happy customer 😊😊read more
Mark Amy
Mark A.
The best shave that's what they are saying well After today's experience I must agree so smooth It was almost pleasurable no nicks cuts rashes ... after 35 years of shaving I have at last found a Shaving kit that does what it says on the tin well done to the bearded colonelread more
David Bunting
David B.
First of all the blades are very good I'm pleased with them at the minute ordered them and got them very quickly which was great I had a email to say... my order had been received and would be dispatched. I must say though I was disappointed with customer service though. When I ordered I pressed the key for the shaving cream and brush costing £20 by mistake I couldn't find a method of removing this so I thought I would order this and email them straight away to cancel the cream and brush. And that's what I did seconds after I placed the order not once but twice I did it a little later that day but the full order came as not requested (probably my fault for not being very good with computers ) I have emailed the bearded colonel again telling them about the situation but haven't heard anything yet. If they can respond quickly to a order why Carnt they response to my emails. So for that reason I give the blades 4star the customer service 2starread more
Peter Graham
Peter G.
Just switched to Bearded Colonel from one of the big shaving brands. The shave with BC was a LOT closer and far more comfortable AND a lot cheaper.... Bye bye Gillette!read more
Gary Searles
Gary S.
Outstanding quality shave having used what feels like virtually every blade on the market I thought I would give these a punt. Well as I have to... shave every day as part of my occupation I can honestly say these are the Dogs, close and comfortable shave with little drag brilliant and the cost well, outstanding more
Michael Fuller
Michael F.
These are good blades delivered quickly. The first use delivered the sharpest cut from a manual blade I can recall, really smooth and close. It will... be interesting to see how long the blades last but the initial impression is that they are just as good if not better than the major brands. Part of the reason for this is that these are straightforward five blade razors without unnecessary complications.Unlike the main brands they don't have the gimmickry of features such as a "hydrating gel reservoir" or an additional sixth blade for trimming. This keeps the head design straightforward. This means that the head does the important job of cutting your facial hair well without trying to lubricate which is what you use a gel or shaving oil for. There is a simple protective strip on the blade but nothing that is over complicated.The absence of a (sixth) trimming blade helps keep the cost of blades down as you're not paying for something you don't use regularly and the simple design means that the blades wash out well after use.. The small plastic head protector keeps the packaging to a minimum too.Like all blades the cut degrades a bit after the initial use but all in all so far I feel good about having more
Stephen Roberson
Stephen R.
Took a couple of shaves to get used to it, can't believe how smooth it is, my wife can't keep her hands off me now I'm such a smoothie!Able to use... aftershave again after having had a number of different brands of inferior shaversread more
Neel Sood
Neel S.
Very impressed with TBC's razor and blades. Much smoother to shave with that other brands, and provides a much closer shave than I'm used to... (therefore I have a very happy wife!). V reasonable price and like the flexible delivery options too.Thanks chaps!read more
Radoslav Dobransky
Radoslav D.
Very impressed. I used Gillette for many year and wouldn't believe I would find better razors until now. Much easier and smoother shaving.
Gerry Mould
Gerry M.
Great Shave, better than Gillette. Used same blade for 7 day and still good
Danyaal Khan
Danyaal K.
Absolutely SUPERB product. Have been blindly using the same Gillette razors since the day I started shaving, and didn't really think it could be any... other way. I'm glad I stand corrected. My old razor has been banished to the bin, never to grace my bathroom again.The closest shave I've had outside of a barbershop. Lasts the whole day, whereas I inevitably used to shave before going out in the evening. Love the angle of the blade to the handle and the more
Stuart Teadley
Stuart T.
would highly recommend - especially after having had to go back to Gillette again whilst on holiday last week.
Vic Bannister
Vic B.
I have a very tough beard, and have been shaving for well over fifty years. I recently started using the Bearded Colonel and could not be more... delighted. I do not normally write reviews but am making an exception in this case. I shall recommend the Colonel to all my friends!read more
Richard Chipchase
Richard C.
I am just writing to say how brilliant this product is. The razor gives you a great shave and is the best that I have ever experienced. I thought... that my Wilkinson Sword hydro was good but this razor takes you to the next level.If you are thinking of buying this razor don't think, just get your order sent. Well done more
Ian Hall
Ian H.
Superb shave, I've used different shave preparations with this razor however the results were the same. Drag and irritation free I highly recommend... these more
Andy Stange
Andy S.
My (ex) wife used to work for Gillette so guess what I have been using for the last 30 years. I have experimented with a cutthroat (not for long,... there's a reason why they are so named) plus a short affair with a top German made DE razor (old fashioned blades, very cheap, a couple of quid for ten. Not as good as the modern multi blade razors).I have been using this for nearly a couple of weeks now, still on the first blade I put in. Normally the more blades there are the more it's likely to clog up. The Gillettes and Wilkinsons do anyway. I can't tell you why this doesn't, it just doesn't. Gives me a beautiful close shave that's still good in the evening after a morning shave. Well impressed to be honest. The brush is top quality but I have to admit I've had to go back to my firmer Body Shop one as I like the firmer brush and loads of lather !. The shaving soap is top quality and I like the plastic holder which stops it drying out and cracking. I shall be alternating with this and my normal L'Occitane. To sum up, appears to be a brilliant razor, love the shape of the handle, brilliant blades, good quality soap and gorgeous brush. It would be a cracking pressie for someone for Christmas (not the wife, she can use the Wilkinson disposables !). At the price of the major manufacturers offerings this is better, unique and on a par with price. What have you got to lose? Just the razor and a set of blades is worth it. For the price of a fish supper and a pint you could treat yourself to a lifetime of making pleasurable what used to be a bit of a choreread more
Andy Green
Andy G.
I have been long term user of Wilkinson Sword and Merkur razors, but can only wholeheartedly recommend the Bearded Colonel blades, they are high... quality and give a very clean close and comfortable more
Dane Miller
Dane M.
Smooth, comfortable, much less drag and little in the way of shaving rash. Non gimmicky handle and simple, yet effective, packaging.
Duncan Nealon
Duncan N.
Received blades within a few days of order. They arrived in a nice metal box. The shave is great. It felt a bit different initially, but that's... hardly surprising after 25 years of using something else, and within 10 seconds you are into it. Genuinely, the shave is closer than I was getting from my Wilkinson Sword Hydro. I strongly recommend this, and love what the guys are doing to shake up a far too uncompetitive market. Good luck to them, and big more
Chris Brown
Chris B.
Excellent razor, really close and comfortable shave. Works beautifully with shaving gel and running hot water, never going back to the other brands,... forgot their names alreadyread more
Shariq Ali
Shariq A.
Received the shaver, LOVING IT---GO CONQUER THE MARKET!I shave around once a week or twice, but my hair is thick and hard to shave. This blade is... nice and sharp and now I will see, if it lasts longer than Gillette or not, but I have a good more
Robert Lyon Fenner
Robert Lyon F.
I have been shaving for over 35 years and I’ve never had as good a shave as I now do courtesy of the Bearded Colonel. No other razor or blade feels... the same against your skin. It’s as though you’re running your fingertips across your face - it doesn’t feel like shaving at all. And the end result is remarkable: my face hasn’t been this smooth since I was running round in short trousers. I even look forward to my morning shave now. Who’d have thought it?Bearded Colonel - I salute more
AJ Iredale
Really smooth and comfortable. Best shave I've ever had.
Mike Nelson
Mike N.
The mutts nuts 🙂 Great prompt service, awesome price and superb quality product!
Graham Aird
Graham A.
I've used this razor 3 times now, superb shave. Very sharp blades, comfortable shave, excellent handle that has a good feel about it
Don Tocher
Don T.
Had my second shave with your razor yesterday - very impressed!A smooth, easy shave, especially around the neck area.Also pleased to be using your... soap dish & brush.Very happy to have now gotten rid of the Gillette razor & can of gel!read more
Jack Allen
Jack A.
Gary Alderman
Gary A.
One of the few things in life that live up to the hype.......a marked difference, I am a very very happy customer...and the tin is a quality... touch!!Keep up the good work......I'll be spreading the more
Tottenham Sean
Tottenham S.
Excellent shave.Nice weighty handle and the blades are superb.Very smooth and the blades clean up well afterwards.I shave my head as well as my... chin,so the blades have to be a bit special.These are.Also the customer services were good as well.My order initially didn't turn up,but after they were made aware,it was here within 24 hrs,great stuffHighly recommendedread more
Stuart Whiley
Stuart W.
I must admit I was intrigued to find out if the product actually met up with the hype but I was astonished that it actually surpassed the hype. The... shave is really close with the blades lasting far longer than propriety brands. I,m now hooked on them and will not return to any other brandread more
Willie McArthur
Willie M.
I am partially sighted and have problems using razors. Tried the razor this morning and have to admit the best shave I have had.
Richard Samuels
Richard S.
Very good product and the best shave I've ever had, with also the least irritation I've ever had too. A small tip is to put in the confirmation email... a video on how to use the shaving cream and brush. Despite being 34 I've never used one. Wasn't sure if I had to use the brush wet or dry onto a wet face, was there a technique on how to apply it etc. Maybe set up a You Tube channel?read more
Pete Thompson
Pete T.
I've been using these for around a month now in conjunction with Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream and the difference to my face and with the... whole shaving experience is unbelievable. Customer service has also been excellent and I have now got my son involved. I wish this had been around when I was his age!!!!Can't find any fault as more
James Lyttle
James L.
Much better than i thought. The bevel blade is really good, nice cutting edge and the razor itself feels more organic, an extension of the hand... rather than a clunky imposition, which is what the gillette fusion has become. And the price of the gillette blades is beyond belief. A trimmer on the back edge of the razor blade is all the Bearded colonel needs to hit its five star rating ( well deserved) We also need to a catchy name for the razor itself - something catchy: how about ' no hair apparent ' !!!!read more
Paul Price
Paul P.
I’ve now been using the Bearded Colonel for a month, together with the recommended cream and bristle brush.Excellent products, excellent... results.Skin is cleaner, softer, and smoother!read more
Mal Young
Mal Y.
I decided to try The Bearded Colonel's products as I needed new blades for my current razor. It has always irritated me paying such a lot for... replacement blades. I received a confirmation email of my order welcoming me as a customer and advising me that my order would be dispatched as soon as possible. The razor and blades arrived very promptly. After two shaves, I can honestly say I have never had a better shave. So pleased I decided to try this product. Thank you for a great more
Dan Barnes
Dan B.
Have to say I'm really impressed so far. First time I used it I was worried that the blades seemed to be clogging quite easily, so as per the... Colonel's recommendation I switched to a brush & cream shave and the difference was huge. I had such a clean shave that the blade was literally squeaking against my skin. The other reservation I had was the lack of a trimming blade (which Alex from The Bearded Colonel has advised me is in the pipeline), which I usually like for trimming under my nose, but the blades are so flexible that I managed to get under there no problemGreat products, even better service, can't recommend highly enoughread more
Bob Crowe
Bob C.
Oliver Marshall
Oliver M.
Blades through the post, no batteries or other daft stuff. Best wet shave this side of your local Turkish barber, do it.
Matthew Turner
Matthew T.
One of the best shaves I have ever had. Much better value than the overpriced commercial products that I have used in the past. Very impressed.
Kevin Whittal
Kevin W.
Well the product is good and will probably be very good if I follow the instructions more closely next time round. I found the brush foam lather good... - better than any canned gel in my experience. We'll see about the performance in the coming four weeks, but I feel confident today.What amused me was that the product and service is called The Bearded Colonel c/w a picture of a military man with a beard. Is that good marketing? Right product, right time, right price. What next? What reinforcement? A riddle in the tin or possibly something for the weekends, more
Gary Mitchell
Gary M.
I'm very pleased with my razor and blades. I've tried battery blade razors that buzz and different makes but always get nicks while attempting a... close shave. Bearded Colonel blades work very well on my skin with Nivea shaving gel. I used to go through styptic pencils at a fair rate but not now and my shave will last two days which is a bonus. As I write, I've just showered and shaved after work and cannot feel any stubbly growth whatsoever. I would genuinely and wholeheartedly recommend this superb product. Thanks guys- at nearly 62 I'm finally getting a decent shave!!read more
Tom Kitchen-dunn
Tom K.
Love the whole kit! Excellent brush, great shaving cream! An ideal gift for men or just a bloody good gift to yourself!
Chris J Moore Snr
Chris J Moore S.
Gave the Bearded Colonel a try ,best thing I ever did the razors are an excellent product , they give a really close shave, the handle that makes... the blade controllable!! I love it. The idea of blades being delivered on a regular basis is brilliant .read more
Carl Wynne
Carl W.
Four shaves in and I am a convert. The blades give a very smooth shave, my old razor is now consigned to the dustbin (well cupboard really) of... more
Conrad Broome
Conrad B.
Far superior with regards the overpriced Gillette range and keep their sharp edge even after 4 shaves!Give your face a treat!
John Vickers
John V.
if the shave is as good as the service so far - I'm a convert.
James Vose
James V.
Cant believe its taken the world this long to design a cartridge razor that's so good!The best shave I've had for many years, well done for... designing such a superb product but also a clever subscription based service.No cuts, no rashes just a very close shave, better than my previous Gillette power fusion hands downread more
Philip G. Reeves
Philip G. R.
Excellent product sharp, close shave with a handle that makes the blade controllable!! I like it. The concept of blades being delivered on a regular... basis is fine but there is not a lot of flexibility in ordering online yet. Questions via e-mail are answered well mind in an accommodating more
David Laird
David L.
Hi all. I've now switched to the Bearded Colonel from Gillette.I am now receiving a closer smoother shave than I was before.The prices are great... and the fact that you can pause and restart your subscription means you're not going to get stuck with too many!Overall 10/10. 🙂read more
Stuart Harris
Stuart H.
Best shave EVER!!! Even after a few shaves with the same blade, it's just as good as the first. Well done sir. Thank you very much. No more rashes or... harsh shaves anymore. Putting on aftershave is now a pleasant more
Chris Wright
Chris W.
Hi all at The Bearded ColonelJust had my 2nd shave and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I waited till now to give my review in case it was a one off. The... blade is very good and gives a nice clean, rash free shave and the brush and soap really do compliment the whole experience.Thank you and I now look forward to my morning ritual with the brush and blade. All the best from a satisfied customer. Chris more
Anthony Fusco
Anthony F.
Fantastic first couple of shaves, I'll let you know how long the blades last. Great tin for the blades, so much better those frustrating plastic and... cardboard puzzles that other blades come in, you just don't need that first thing in the more
John Tee
John T.
Absolutely brilliant best shave ever, dumped Fusion razor into the bin, The Colonel is the man for me from now on.
Mike Dowling
Mike D.
I took a chance and have to admit being a bit sceptical about some of the reviews, after all it is a razor how good can it be.........Well... brilliant would come close. I don't clean shave very often nowadays but thought I would give them a go as it worked out quite cheap. I took the brush and soap too. Arrived today and obviously had to try it. Smooth, close and not irritated skin! Like others on here a bit gutted this company were not around years ago!Some comments on delivery but for me from order to shave was 8 days - with an email apologising for delay.I would certainly recommend this to more
Carl W Crawley
Carl W C.
Took a little while to arrive, but I got an email explaining the delay. It arrived this morning, so I immediately decided to give it a go. OH. MY.... GOD. I've been shaving for 16 years (face and head) and have never had such a close, rash free shave in my life.In all the years, I'd assumed it was the soap/gel I was using which was upsetting my skin, so constantly changing brands - however, turns out it was my bloody razors - even with constant new blades!Just amazing!read more
Gerry Turnbull
Gerry T.
Thrown my Gillette so expensive it's ridiculous in the bin ! The shave from The Bearded Colonel is the best I've had, what a terrific idea, blades to... your door every month, they also seem to last a lot longer than the competitions blades. Huzzah for The Bearded Colonel !!read more
Mark Craig
Mark C.
excellent service. Royal mail lost the first order replacement arrived within a day. Very good product nice close shave
Majid Khan
Majid K.
Great product and overall service to boot!, closest and most comfortable shave a man can get!
Richard Graham
Richard G.
I have always found razors and blades from other manufacturers to be really expensive or the cheaper alternative to be rubbish. However the bearded... colonel are excellent value for money and the blades are very good to use and provide a fantastic smooth shave. I had thought I would try them as they were cheap enough to take the risk. I'm glad I did and will continue with my orders. I have also found the communication with the company to be top notch and I am made to feel like a valued customer and not just another retail sales number. Keep up the good more
Adam Mckay
Adam M.
brilliant razors and best shave i have ever had. Having spent 30 years with a styptic pencil mopping blood up its a revelation to be able to shave... and not suffer a nick or a graze or find blood on my collar...... try would be silly not to 🙂read more
Rich Patey
Rich P.
combine blades from The Bearded Colonel with a quality shaving soap & brush and you'll create the male equivalent of a girly spa treatment every time... you more
Rayner John
Rayner J.
Really impressed with this razor. At first, I bought one out of curiosity and that I'd just go back Gillette razors. But after losing count of how... many shaves I've had and the razor still being pretty sharp, and that I've even tested it against a Gillette disposable with the results in favour of TBC, I am very happy that I bought this more
Terence Facey
Terence F.
Great company, great product. I was sick of paying for what you didn't get from the big players.The Bearded Colonel did all they could to help when... my credit card became out of date, even sending my next blades before I set up the new account.Best of luck to a company doing all they can for me as well as for themselves.Thanks, Terence Faceyread more
Gregor Stevenson
Gregor S.
great blades, economical, exactly what I need as I shave 365 days a year. just leave the mo on in November lol. Love the fact that that delivery... packaging stands out from all the usual brown begging letters lolI wish they had been around for the last 36 years of my shaving historyread more
Stephen McKnight
Stephen M.
I received my Starter Kit & blades a few days ago & could not be happier with the results. Like others, I was attracted to the traditional shaving... method with a brush and my immediate impression is that the blades are of a far superior quality to anything I have used in the pastAlso the customer service has been second to none - I received follow up e-mails to check my delivery had arrived & ask my views. Would recommend the switch to The Bearded Colonel to more
Gary Naylor
Gary N.
Believe the hype. 36 years of shaving and I've found something that works at last.
Graeme R Cook
Graeme R C.
I found out about bearded colonel via facebook - so pleased I did. the blades are excellent and a fraction of the cost. Have got my Brother on board... - hoping for more referralsread more
Kevin Anthony Nelson
Kevin Anthony N.
Excellent product and amazing personalised customer service! I can but only highly recommend this Company and like myself, I am confident you will... not be disappointed!read more
James Bailey
James B.
Excellent product! I'm on my 4th shave with the same blade and it's still sharper than a new Gillette
Lee Arnott
Lee A.
Really great service, great product (easily one of the best shaves I've ever had) and excellent customer service. I'm impressed!
Jason Snape
Jason S.
I had my first shave for four days with my new razor and it’s done a superb job. A smooth, even shave with no drag – I barely felt the razor at all,... even over hard bristle areas! Well done on a first class product. I’ll be keeping my more
Ian Hepburn
Ian H.
I also had my first shave this morning with the bearded colonel and I was very impressed no cut's and very smooth i'd highly recommend this. To put... it in perspective I always had a minimum of 3 cuts using Wilkinson sword hydro and it never looked close shaved ,although Gillette fusion was better ,the Bearded colonel is by far the best I have usedread more
Stephen Gardner
Stephen G.
I had my first shave with the Bearded Colonel this morning. Fantastic! Smooth, easy and left my skin feeling great. The shave was effortless & I have... to say, pleasurable! I recommend this great new product to all men out there - that razor really made a difference this more

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