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Old Time Halloween Pictures

Back in the day, people used to make their Halloween costumes instead of buying them in shops. You would be excused for thinking they would look basic, but they were all…

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Flying To The Roof Of The World: Mount Everest’s Peak

In April 1933, Sir Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, otherwise known as Lord Clydesdale, and Major Stewart Blacker prepared to fly over Mount Everest’s peak, an excursion that was the first of its kind.…

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How To Make The Perfect Burger

All men are expected to have a handful of dishes that they can expertly prepare. While relatively simple, few dishes will garner you more man points than a perfect burger.…

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Executing A Perfect Handbrake Turn

There are a lot of reasons why a man may need to use the handbrake turn, taking the lead in a race, shaking some pursuers with a last minute turn,…

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Ernest Shackleton: Survival At The World’s End

In September of 1914, the antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail with 27 men onboard the Endurance. His goal: to be the first man to cross Antartica. Despite the…

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How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

It can be a bit of an ego hit when a friend has a great pair of shades, but then you find that you just can’t pull them off. I’d…

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Keeping Your Beard Stylish With Minimal Effort

So you’ve decided to grow a beard, great! Should be pretty easy, chuck your razor in the bin, wait a couple weeks, then enjoy being a lumberjack. Except, not quite,…

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The Secret Strategies Of Arm Wrestling

The arm wrestle, a one to one test of pure brute strength and manliness. You’ve already been called on to prove your manliness, and you will be again. Here’s the…

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5 Ways To Increase Your Personal Magnetism

Some men seem to be imbued with charm and charisma. People follow them and label them natural leaders. Girls talk about all the sparks after going on dates with them.…

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Why Shaving Brushes Are Amazing

Lifts and suspends hairs The number one reason to use a shaving brush is that it gives you a better shave. When applying shaving gel or cream with your hands…

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