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The Shaving Brush


Traditionally, badger hair has been the preferred material for shaving brushes, but innovative advancements have now made it possible to achieve equally luxurious lather and softness with synthetic fibers. These modern brushes offer quicker drying times, enhanced durability, and are suitable for all skin types, providing a superior, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly choice without any drawbacks.


Feel Refreshed

We have reimagined our shaving brush. The brush features premium vegan-friendly synthetic bristles on a hand finished sustainably sourced wooden base.

These brushes create the perfect lather on-par with silver tip badger but with less need for special care.

Our brush will last for years and always look fresh and ready to start the best shave every time.

Premium Bristles = Premium Lather

The number one reason to use a shaving brush is that it gives you a better shave. When applying shaving gel or cream with your hands you matt it down. Meanwhile, a shaving brush lifts the hairs up and suspends them in a rich lather. Because they’re suspended, the hairs are much easier to cut right at the base; shaving brushes will give you a closer and smoother shave.