The Gift Set

We’ve searched far and wide, tested many different products, and now we can safely say that we have put together the best tools for a premium shave. This is a great stand alone kit and will make his morning shave something he looks forward to! Which is the way we think it should be.

This year we have added a spacious leather wash bag. It contains everything a man needs for a fantastic shave, brush cream, great razor, and a tin in which to store his blades. Finding a good gift for men isn’t easy; with this kit you’ll be getting him exactly what he needs to start each day feeling tip top!



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Luxury Shaving Cream

We realized that a lot of our members were still using a generic shaving cream or foam, which was a little upsetting. Like pouring ketchup up on an expensive steak, you cannot use anything but quality shaving cream when you have top of the line shaving tools. So we set out to find the best cream we could.

We tested a lot of different creams, scoring them on fragrance, compatibility with our razor, and quality of shave. Here is the winner: Shaving Cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

The cream has a classic fougere fragrance with top notes of geranium, lavender, rosemary and liquid amber supported by a heart of carnation, fern and orange blossom resting on a sumptuous base of patchouli, sandalwood, vetivert, powdery musk and rock rose.

Premium Pure Badger Brush

The shaving brush has all but disappeared, which is a real pity. The moment we tried one for the first time we knew we had found something special. There are many important parts to making a shave feel good, and the brush is an essential one.

Not only does it make you feel important but it also helps one get a better shave; the greatest benefit from using a brush is its tendency to soften and lift facial hair, giving a closer and smoother shave. Meanwhile, applying shaving cream by hand tends to mat hair down.

A good brush holds significant amounts of water. This is important because more water means a moister and richer lather, which translates to less razor skipping and dragging. That’s why we included a brush that uses soft pure badger hair and not cheap synthetic hairs.

Our Flagship Shaving Razor

We’ve already told you about how our blades are cut in the Gothic Arch II shape by a nearly 100 year old German factory, or how the sharpness of the blades help avoid shaving rash. But we haven’t told you about the tin box.

There’s nothing revolutionary about it, it’s just a simple tin box. Yet, this humble tin ties everything together. That’s because there’s no beauty in the plastic cassettes that generally hold fresh blades. Meanwhile, there is something timeless and classic about an old fashion tin box. That’s what it is there for: a nice touch and the final piece in the puzzle for a great shave.