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Is There An Alternative To Gillette Fusion Blades?


Why are razors so expensive?

The Gillette Fusion Blades cartridges made by the well-known brands generally cost about 5p-10p to manufacture, but shoppers are charged as much as £3.49 per cartridge. So what’s the deal?

They charge that much because they can. Gillette and Wilkinson spend quite a bit of money convincing people that they are the only ones supplying good razors. With a cartridge costing only 10p to manufacture, they have a lot of budget left for marketing; and that’s what you are paying for.

With their duopoly secured by marketing, they are free to charge higher prices, at times, raising them by 25%. If you use Gillette’s Mach 3 razor, you were a victim of that sudden price increase, but you probably didn’t notice. Gillette snuck the price increase in by not directly increasing the price, but by removing one of the cartridges. Instead of 5 cartridges, you now only get 4 for the same price – effectively the same as increasing prices by 25%.

Even if you did notice, where else are you going to get your razors? Unless you want to use disposable razors, there aren’t many choices.

gillette fusion blades alternative

We get our blades from a 90-year-old German factory that started by making top-of-the-line straight razors for Europe’s barbers. Today, they’re still making some of the best razor blades on the market. Although our blades do cost us considerably more to manufacture, we can still sell them for 30% less than comparable Gillette fusion blades (we even cover shipping!). We’ll also deliver fresh razors just as you are running out, so you’ll never have to stretch the life of an old razor or make last-minute trips to the store.

Quality blades delivered to your door at a fair price; A better way to shave is what the Bearded Colonel is all about.

The Best Expert Barbershop Shave I've Ever Had...Without The BarbershopI absolutely loved this shave.I have tried everything: straight razor blade, double edge straight blade, every advanced... blade out there, and multiple disposals per shave -- and I've never had a more enjoyable shave.To be fair, I was originally skeptical. I have really thick hair and sensitive skin so shaving is more of a chore than something that I can enjoy but this proved me wrong.A great shave can be a refreshing and enjoyable experience.I was originally skeptical of the multiple blades because my hair often gets pinched inside of the multiple blades but i was able to get a close shave with zero irritation, nicks or cuts. The blades were sharp, but stayed on the surface of my skin due to the rollers and the flex in the heavy and sturdy premium more
Eric Carlson
Eric C.
I cannot recommend these razors highly enough. They get delivered to me right on time and they last long enoough even if I shave every day, Actually it is better tio shave every day then the bristle... will not clog the blades. I also use the shaving soap rather than a gel as that seems almost purposefully designed to clog the blades and make you buy more! Trust me the soap here is good and is easy to rinse out the more
Michael Gaylard
Michael G.
Just come back from a 2 week holiday and had forgot to these razors with me and had to revert to my old ones didn’t realise how much better the BC blades are only thing I was glad to come home to!!!
Gordon Griffiths
Gordon G.
Well yes I am a woman but on looking for a new shaver for woman this came up as men's shavers are better apparently something I did not know but I was sick of buying crap shaver after crap shaver in... the woman's isle of the supermarket cost 5/6 quid then £10 for replacement heads and missing hair the hairs on my legs and other places woman shave ha so I was sceptical with having to subscribe and that. Well I've just used it and my god what a bloody difference I'm so shocked I will never touch a woman's shaver AGAIN!! My only downside maybe for me being a woman is the weight of the handle bit I can live with that for a stressfree 5mins of perfect shaving 100% 5 star for me thanksread more
Krystyna Jayde
Krystyna J.
I like the shave I get from these blades I find I get a nice shave from them
Stuart Dalgliesh
Stuart D.
Love the new blades! The moving head is so much better and I think the new one lasts for longer. Also, the handle is much easier to use and I like the weight. Awesome change, guys!
Evgeniy Shestopal
Evgeniy S.
Honestly the best shave I've ever had. New design is great, the rolling pin is a stroke of genius! Only thing I would say is the handle could do with a better grip, difficult to hold with wet hands.
Martin Thorpe
Martin T.
The latest design of blade is honestly the best shave I've ever had. They do exactly what you say they're going to do. The extra spacing between blades means they really don't get clogged like other... 5 blade heads do, they're a smooth shave, and there's much less razor burn. Props to you Colonel, you've nailed this more
Ben Mitchell
Ben M.
I've been using the Bearded Colonel'so razors for more than a yearGood price, prompt delivery, excellent shave.Then new version arrived. I couldn't figure how to put it together But amazing... customer support got me going quickly.Can't praise The Colonel too highly. Not often you get quick personal answers from the boss man these days BUT YOU DO WITH THE COLONEL!!read more
Bob Saddington
Bob S.

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