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7 ways to avoid shaving rash on legs and bikini area


Weโ€™re a manโ€™s shaving company, so how would we know about avoiding shaving burn/bumps/rash on legs and bikini area? Simple, we designed a razor to actively fight against it on menโ€™s faces. And the skin on their faces is at least as sensitive as on your legs. If we can help them get past razor bumps, we can get you ladies past it too!

1) Donโ€™t leave your razor in the shower
Shower water causes your razor to rust, rust means a dull blade, a dull blade will irritate your skin, and irritated skin will result in razor burn/bumps. This is a big one!!

2) First exfoliate and wash; shave last
Donโ€™t dive right into the shave, you need to first clear out your pores by washing and/or exfoliating your legs and bikini area. 

3) Rinse warm, then rinse cold
Exact same as with men. Rinse with warm water to clear out your pores of any shaving cream. Then, rinse a second time with cold water. This will close your pores, ensuring that nothing gets into them. This is partly why shaving should be the last thing you do in the shower.

4) Use a guyโ€™s razor
Yup! Not only will it be cheaper due to the Pink Tax, itโ€™s also likely to be sharper. A guyโ€™s face is more sensitive than your legs, so menโ€™s razors are often sharper, resulting in a smoother shave and less irritation.

5) Change your razor often
The name of the game is sharp! And bathrooms are bad for keeping your razor sharp. Also, a wet razor can be a great place for bacteria which can lead to infections! So change it frequently. It can be a chore to remember to stay stocked up, so consider joining a razor subscription service.

6) Try coconut oil
Weโ€™ve gotten this tip from our lady friends and heard great things about it. Coconut oil will not only serve as lubrication (reducing irritation) but it also helps to moisturize and sooth your skin in a similar fashion to aloe vera.

7) Cotton underwear
Actually, this should be: no synthetic underwear. Synthetic underwear doesnโ€™t breath, resulting in more sweat down there. Sweat is great for bacteria who will love your freshly shaved and vulnerable skin. Said bacteria can lead to razor bumps too.

Ladies, a razor designed to fight razor bumps!
Weโ€™ve been telling women to use menโ€™s razors for awhile. Between them being cheaper due to the Pink Tax and the higher quality that often accompanies menโ€™s razors, youโ€™re just better off. Not only that, weโ€™ve designed our razor with shaving rash in mind. Check out what weโ€™ve upgraded on our razor, it all applies to your legs too!

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