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How To Dress Smart In The Summer Heat.

summer blazer

It’s not easy for men to look smart during the summer. Smart fashion for men is generally designed for colder weather. But with a couple minor tricks and changes, it can be done. It’s all about wearing clothes that will breathe and giving heat as many exits as possible.

Natural Fibres

First of all, you must wear natural fibres. This is sound advice for any time of the year, but especially during summer. Synthetic fibres don’t breath, so your wardrobe’s already poor ability to circulate fresh air has been reduced to zero. Making this change alone will make a huge difference.

Lightweight suit

Get a lightweight blazer. They’re made extra thin by cutting out all unnecessary fabric such as the inside lining. There’s a lot of extra weight in our blazers that make them a little warmer and give them a little more shape. They generally tend to look a little more casual, but they don’t have to; make sure to get it properly fitted and you’ll be looking as professional as ever. The best fabric for this is linen, but cotton and light wool work too.

Ditch the tie

It’s summer, ditch the tie and unbutton the top button or two. Doing so will create a big vent for heat to escape. While this will take your outfit a step down in dressiness, it’s very stylish. Plus, it’s summer people will understand. If you really need a tie for a meeting, keep one rolled up in your bag and put it on right before. That way you can go in with the tie but without the sweat.

Light colours

Dark colours absorb light and turn it into heat. So wear light colours, they’ll reflect a lot of the light back and keep you cool. Light browns are a good way to keep it professional and are very versatile.


The waistcoat has fallen out of popularity in the last half of the 20th century, but it’s making a comeback. If you need to be wearing more than just a dress shirt, swap out your blazer for a waistcoat. There’s a lot less material, so you’ll stay cooler and you’ll look plenty sharp. Since you’ve left your blazer at home, feel free to add your tie back in.


Sure, we’re a shaving company, so, of course, we’re going to say you should shave. But don’t dismiss us, you really should shave. Staying clean-shaven is akin to leaving your foot outside of the covers to keep yourself cool on a hot summer night. It offers heat an escape route and regulates your body temperature. A beard – even stubble – traps a lot of heat and because it shades the lower part of your face, it’ll give you an uneven tan. If you really love your facial hair, not to worry you can always grow it back during no shave November when the weather is getting cool again.