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How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Glasses


It can be a bit of an ego hit when a friend has a great pair of shades, but then you find that you just can’t pull them off. I’d like to say that it isn’t you, but it is you. More specifically, it’s the shape of your face. Everyone’s falls into one of a handful of face types. Different styles of glasses go best with certain faces. Once you know what you should be looking for, you’ll be finding great pairs with each try. This guide applies to both regular and sun glasses.

Determining your face’s shape
Take a look at the picture below, if you can instantly identify your type, great! If not, there are a couple tricks for determining your face shape. For the first one, you will need a dry erase marker or borrow your lady’s lipstick (I take no responsibility if you get in trouble!). Then while facing a mirror, draw on the mirror the outline of your face. Attention, not you head, your face, so, the top of the outline should be at your hairline. What shape did you just draw?

Option two is a little less messy. Grab your phone, take a selfie, then using any sort of photo editor on your phone, draw an outline of your face in the same fashion as the mirror trick. Once you know your shape, jump down to your section to find out what you should be looking for.


If this is your face shape, you’re probably wondering who these people are that can’t find glasses that look good, as just about every style will fit you! The only exception is perhaps, narrow glasses as they may make you look a little squinty. Otherwise, you only need to worry about shades that fit your hair and style.

Oblong faces are the basically longer versions of an oval face. I’ve got good news for you, the currently very popular round and large aviator glasses are exactly what you need. The idea is that larger glasses will make your face look shorter and wider.

Q sporting some top heavy spectacles

Q sporting some top heavy spectacles

Diamond faces generally have narrow eyes and jaw line, as well as broad check bones. If this is you, feel special as it’s the rarest of face shapes! Diamonds want top-heavy frames to draw attention to their eyes while taking weight away from the cheekbones.

It’s all about balance; if you’ve got a square shape, you’re at one end of the spectrum. At the other end, circular or oval frames. This will soften your hard angles as well as lengthen your face.

This face type is pretty much the opposite of the square type. Your soft lines need to be balanced out by some hard chines on your glasses. Pick something rectangular.

Here you will find broad foreheads, wide cheek bones, and a narrow chins. Those in this category need to stay away from the popular aviator glasses. Aviators are bigger on the top than on the bottom, much like your face. As with all the other face types, the goal here is contrast. Try to find some frames that are wide and bottom heavy.