Mens Hairstyles That Passed The Test Of Time

Men’s Hairstyle trends change so quickly; one month it’s the Samurai bun, the next slick retro with a loose fringe and the oh so popular blurry fade cut that could go terribly wrong in bad hands…If you are a busy man who wants to look good, stylish and classy at all times, chasing all the latest fashions might become really hard and very time consuming. That is why we decided to look into the timeless hairstyles that never go out of fashion and look good for any occasion.

1. Long on the top, short on the sides.

A mens hairstyle loved by thousands worldwide that looks good on everyone and is very easy to style. It doesn’t have a specific name, but I bet you asked for it at least once in your life – the “longer on the top, short on the sides” look. Why is it so popular? Well, it’s clean, professional and very versatile, good for both formal and casual settings.Want to give it a bit more classy stylish look? Ask your hairdresser for a taper fade all around too keep it ultra short and clean on the sides and sleek back on the crown.

 2. Messy-Slick-Hair-mens-hairstylesSlick Back Hair.

This men’s hairstyle that hasn’t lost its charm since the 20s! It’s been loved by actors, public figures, businessmen and is still popular now. The best quality this haircut has, is that it suits all face shapes and looks great at any age. It is very easy to style, just apply some paste into wet hair and dry back with a wide tooth comb to achieve the line effects, and smooth the areas on the back and sides.

Want to make it look more modern? Go for the Matte and Messy Slick Back Hairstyle, it’s one of the most popular of hairstyles for 2016. For a matt look, just add some more paste and set with hairspray.

classicbuzz-hairstyle-men3. The Buzz Cut.

It’s the shortest and lowest maintenance cut for men. It’s the one that you could even do yourself; just grab some clippers, set the guard, and get shaving. This cut works for any hair type and the best choice if you have a receding hairline.

Want to make the buzz a bit more stylish? Leave just enough length to style with some texture on top.

c1d4820544ab5b2f01d463a276dea9794. Side Parting.

I know what you might think and the answer is yes, it always was, is, and will be stylish. It’s a great and much easier alternative to slick back hairstyle. It’s incredibly versatile and suits all hair types and face shapes.

Ask your barber for a classic taper on the back and sides, and for the top to be left long enough to part, but short enough to be neat and tidy.

long-hairstyles-and-their-names25.  Shoulder Length Cut.

Modern and classic, this hairstyle has been one of the favourites for decades. The hardest part of this hairstyle is actually growing the hair. Unlike the previous hairstyles, this hairstyle very much depends on your hair texture so make sure you consult your barber about your options. Try to keep styling products to minimum as it looks best when long hair is natural.

Finally, to give the best finish for any man’s hairstyle, make sure you have a good razor to shave the sideburns and the neckline to keep it tidy.

Which of these mens hairstyles do you like wearing or would like to try?

Maybe you have some favourites to share?

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