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World Beard Day: Easy Morning Routine


Greetings on World Beard Day! We have compiled a few simple measures to help you enhance your morning beard routine and increase your confidence in honour of this joyous day. 

There are many things you can do to make your beard look and feel better but here are our top recommendations:

Step 1 – Wash

To get rid of that bed beard, the first thing you’ll need to do is give your beard a good wash. However, you don’t want to wash the beard with shampoos and soaps every day since the majority of the natural sebum oils that your beard requires will be stripped away by the alkali metal detergents in shampoos. Just a little splash of water will make your facial hair more controllable and help the beard hairs get some weight.

For every day, we recommend a good wash with water and a nice combing session afterward. 


Step 2 – Moisturize 

Before combing the hair, there is a crucial step you shouldn’t miss. Moisturising. 

By moisturising your beard hairs, you will avoid having dry dandruff spread all over your dark clothing and avoid the painful itching that comes along with it.

Our advice is to use oil twice daily, once in the morning before beginning the day and once in the evening before going to bed. 

Tip: Take a warm shower before bed and moisturise your face and beard with a little extra oil than you would in the morning. Overnight, let the beard oil do its magic. 

For best results use our King’s Gambit Beard Oil

Step 3 – Combe

This is the final step. There are many ways to brush your beard but the best is to use a comb for a neat look. Begin the combing whilst your beard is still freshly moist from the beard oil. 

To fluff it out, begin to comb your beard upward and away from your face. In case you run into difficulty, take the comb out of your beard to prevent the hair from breaking. Re-style and shape your beard by combing it down.  

Voila! You’re ready to begin your day with a gorgeous shiny beard that will turn heads everywhere you go. 

image 2

To celebrate this year’s World Beard Day we have put together 3 of the weirdest beard trends all over the world. Enjoy! 

  • The Monkey Tail Beard – Around the world, men carefully trim their facial hair to mimic a monkey’s tail. Your sideburns serve as the beginning of the tail, which loops around, down, and ends at the moustache. When A’s pitcher Mike Fiers wore it on the pitch, it sparked a social media frenzy. This beard style is funky and weird but it seems like many man all over the world enjoy it and it’s often seen on social media. 
image 3
  • Unicorn Beard – Simply said, “unicorn beard” is a wonderfully cute way to phrase “colourful beard.” These are coloured beards, but it’s not your typical dye. This isn’t for hiding grey or intensifying your skin tone. No, unicorn beards are a little more magical than that, as the name implies. They all come in rainbow colours. We’re referring about vividly coloured beards like neon green, hot pink, and purple. 
image 4
  • Glitter Beard – Similar to the Unicorn Beard, this beard is full of colours and as crazy as the unicorn one. When discussing weird beard trends, the glitter beard deserves a mention. This peculiar beard design is occasionally referred to as a “Christmas beard.” 

Ordinarily, they are just like regular beards, but adding glitter to them changes that. Give your facial hairs some glitter right after using beard oil or a specific adhesive, and that’s all.

image 5