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A Great Gift For Men


Still searching for good gifts for a man in your life? Most men donโ€™t do anything special or nice in their morning shaving routine (many just use a razor made by Gillette or Wilkinson along with a generic can of shaving foam). Which is a pity, because there are so many great shaving creams, brushes, and razors to choose from.

Skin care products may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for men, but thatโ€™s what makes it such a great idea. The reason men donโ€™t use these products isnโ€™t because they donโ€™t appreciate them, but because they donโ€™t know about them. Men spend a lot of time shaving, so it is a great way to improve their daily lives, making a shaving gift set a very special gift. And almost all men that we have spoken to have found that they really enjoy that extra touch after trying premium shaving products out, with most of them continuing to buy them afterwords.

That is why this holiday season we are offering an amazing gift set! The set comes with shaving cream, a badger brush, a tin in which to store razors, and our top notch razor. The cream has a fresh fougรจre fragrance with lemon, lime and lavender supported by a heart of geranium. The brush is soft and made from pure badger, youโ€™ll find the same in brushes used by professionals. Our 5 bladed razor is made in Germany by a 90 year old company that got its start making high-end razors for Europeโ€™s best barbers.

You can find out more about our gift set here: Shaving Starter Kit

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